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Gas Combi Steamer Oven Fdg051

Gas Combi Steamer Oven Fdg051

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Gas combination steamer oven with humidifier and electromechanical control panel. Three cooking modes: convection, steam and mixed. Cooking chamber with rounded corners, welded without visible welding. Capacity 5 trays GN 1/1 – 600×400. Cooking chamber with rounded corners, welded without visible welding. Adjustable height of the feet. Internal pair of grids support, removable and replaceable, having gap between grids of 74 mm. Door with a wide glass surface equipped with an “Air channel” for the external glass ventilation, which further limits the temperature on the external surface. Pressure door-lock and re-opening through a side release; door handle in plastic material, highly resistant to shocks and temperatures. A gasket inserted in the front of the chamber, with maximum seal capacity, avoiding temperature drops. Removable liquid/condensate collecting basin placed under the chamber. Indirect heating by flame tubes and atmospheric burners. Timer from 1’ to 120’ (plus infinite position). Automatic humidifier. Temperature control in the cooking chamber from 50 °C to 280 °C. Open/closed humidity exhausting system through specific lever. Wide airflow channels of the chamber allow perfect cooking uniformity, both in conditions of scarce and full load. Motor rotation inverter in the cooking chamber. Folding opening of the internal glass. Control panel of all the functional parts is placed on the left side of the oven. Safety thermostat in the cooking chamber to avoid dangerous high temperatures beyond 350°C. Water inlet for the humidifier control. Internal lighting positioned on the left side of the cooking chamber.


  • Dimensions LxWxH 1,5×85,8×75,1
  • N. of Grids 5XGN 1/1 5X600X400
  • N. of Fans 1 + Autoreverse
  • Doors Model 9,5KW
  • Power 0,8KW 220-230V 50Hz
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